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Some One Direction fans have been misdirecting their anger about British "GQ's" new covers of the boy band members. 

The American edition of the magazine post a special blog post on Wednesday to clarify, after receiving death threat tweets from the group's fans.  The U.S. counterpart reminded angry fans that British and American "GQ" are "two different magazines," joking that it doesn't deserve "all the praise." It's unclear why exactly the group's devoted fan base is so up in arms over the covers. 

It appears many seem to be unhappy with the way the magazine's pull quotes for the covers took the boys' words slightly out of context.  On Liam Payne's cover, his quote reads "Groupies? You're going to get me in trouble."  The full quote from the article however has Liam saying "Groupies? We don't have time to party! I'm not even single... This sort of talk will get me in trouble."  

It doesn't seem like One Direction has a problem with the "GQ" issue, however, as they've been promoting it on social media since earlier this week.