HOW MANY?!: Usually you take the drivers test once and pass on the first shot. Right? How many times did you take your test? Greg T met someone who took it 3 times!

WEIRD LAWSUIT: Are you dealing with getting sued by a crazy lawsuit? What is it? Have you won a ridiculous case? Have you sat on the jury for a ridiculous case? What was it?

WHAT TROUBLES: The Royal Family seems to have just about everything, but do they? What do you think are some of the troubles that they might have?

GET THE GRADE: Greg T had to take his professors car to get tires changed on his car just so he could get a B+ in Sociology. What did you have to do other than study to get your passing grade? 

HOW YOU MET: Our lives cross paths with people everyday, but then all of a sudden you meet the ONE…the one person that you could spend the rest of your life with! What strange way did you meet your significant other?



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