SATISFACTION: Greg T was able to see a preview of the new show on USA called ‘Satisfaction.’ On the show, a guy becomes a male gigolo. So, ladies have you ever hired a male escort? Greg T needs to know, he has so many questions!!

INHERITANCE $$: When people die, others collect the inheritance. What fun thing did you inherit when someone close to you passed away?

ARE YOU PICKETING?: The other day, Greg T drove by a few people who were walking with picketing sandwich boards. He had no idea why they were picketing! Greg T wants to know, why are you picketing?

KARAOKE: Mambo #5, I Got You Babe, Sweet Caroline, Love Shack – All great karaoke songs!! What’s your favorite karaoke song?

POOPED PANTS: Last week, Greg T pooped his pants on a ride at Six Flags. Is he alone?! When was the last time you pooped your pants?