I’M IN A PORNO: Are you, or have you ever been in a porn-flick? Which one?!

NEVER FLOWN A KITE: Greg T is in shock – he has just met a guy who has NEVER EVER in his entire life flown a kite! Come on!! who has never flown a kite?? Have you never flown a kite before? What else have you never done?!

RIDICULOUS SPENDING: Bethany is wearing a new T-shirt today that has more holes than Swiss cheese!! The kicker? She actually spent $65 on it! This is what Greg T calls ridiculous spending. What have you bought that your friends consider ridiculous spending?

PALM TREES: Palm trees are so nice, but unfortunately you can’t grow them in the northeast. In South Florida there are palm trees everywhere! Do you know anyone who lives in the northeast and owns a palm tree??

BITING VS. CLIPPING FINGER NAILS: Coaster boy Josh says that he bites his finger nails more than clipping them because he gets a better cut. Do you bite or clip your nails? Why?