April 9th


If you really want to stand out then you need to shop for clothes at 1991INC. It’s an urban style with a great mix of pop culture. My favorite are the hoodless sweatshirts - you can have Oprah’s face on your ENTIRE sweatshirt! There are so many other unique designs like an entire sweatshirt covered with an image of sprinkles, a pepperoni pizza, or grass! The leggings are pretty crazy too, there’s a pair that has a graphic of french fries all over it - it doesn’t get any better than that! 1991INC sell tanks and onsies as well! Every item is unisex, just know that it takes at least one month for your order to process!


Our Intern Chahita doesn’t usually wear jewelry but recently found Fifth and Mae They sell dainty and affordable jewelry. Their items are great for people who don’t usually wear jewelry but want something simple. They make necklaces they call “mini states” - a small charm in the shape of a state and engraved through it is the name of the state! There’s also mini initial necklace that come in either rose gold, gold, or silver colors. Both the mini states and initials are only $14.95! Fifth and Mae sells rings and earrings for under $6 and bracelets under $10. I’m about to buy every single item!!!!