We love HBO’s GIRLS and they just kicked off a new season on Sunday. If you haven’t checked them out it’s definitely a show to catch up on and binge watch.  Lena Dunham is the show’s creator and star. Her character, Hannah, is always wearing muscle tees. Gypsy Warrior has created two muscle tees that are GIRLS inspired with memorable quotes from the show. The black tee says “Living the dream, one mistake at a time,” and the white one says “All adventurous women do”. Two quotes that I live by.  


A few weeks ago the people over at SingTrix sent us their karaoke machine. But this thing isn’t just any old karaoke machine. It turns you into a rockstar. It takes your voice and projects it to sound like the artist whose song your singing! SingTrix creates back up harmonies from your own voice so you sound like the real deal. Use the the SingTrix app to sing along to your favorite songs or pull up lyric videos on YouTube, plug it in, and sing along that way! There are hundreds of presets so there’s a voice for everyone. It is $299 but if you have roommates this is a great thing to split. Check out this video of Worst Assistant, Danielle, and our interns singing!