January 22nd

I am about to change everyone’s life with Shakoolie. How annoying is it when you want to pre-game but you have to shower and sometimes you decide to pre game and skip the shower? Okay, maybe that only happens to me but Shakoolie is the solution. It’s a water proof beer koozie that attaches to a Launch Pad suction cup and sticks to your shower wall! For $9.99 you have a cold beer in the shower with you on the wall! While you’re checking out their Shakoolie also look into their Flask Tie - it looks like you’re wearing a tie but there’s a bag inside with a straw. Work just got wayyyy better.


Not only do guys get to discreetly drink at work with their Flask Tie, but us ladies can with The WineRack. I know, because I have one. It’s a sports bra with a bladder bag inside and a long drinking tube with an on/off valve attached. It holds 25 ounces of your favorite drink. I use it when watching a movie, my favorite TV shows, or getting ready for a night out! No hands, no problem!