January 31st

RumChata is the newest favorite alcohol of the morning show. Not only does it taste yummy but you don’t even know you’re drinking alcohol…which usually doesn’t end well, but it’s always a good time! I was super pumped when I found out there was a FREE RumChata App for iPhone and Android. It’s filled with recipes and there are TONS of them! You can also head to RumChata.com for all info! You better stock up!





Even though my team isn’t in the Super Bowl (poor Giants) I’m still having fun with it! How can I not, the teams are staying less than 10 minutes WALKING distance from my apartment!! There’s spirit everywhere…even on my nails! The Daily Varnish posted various nail art designs. Whether you’re a fan of the Broncos, the Seahawks, or neither, there’s a style for you. AND they’re easy, which I love! My favorite is the football “leather-look”! Get those digits in Super Bowl spirit this weekend!