July 7th



If you’re totally obsessed with nail polish then FabPolish’s monthly subscription is for you! At $14.99 a month you’ll get four of the newest and trendiest brand name nail polishes delivered directly to you! A bottle of brand name nail polish can sometimes go for $10 so this is an awesome deal. FabPolish ships ONLY the most recent collections so you won’t ever be out of style or season with your colors. You’ll get 5mL bottles which are referred to as “minis” - however you’ll get 12 two-coat manicures out of each bottle!


eBay Valet either means we’ve hit a whole new level of lazy or it’s super convenient. I’ve tried to sell stuff online all the time and it’s annoying and tedious and when no one buys your items it sucks!! eBay Valet changes up the game. They will sell your items! Take a picture of the item you want to sell and send it to your valet so they can evaluate your item. They’ll send you an estimate and a prepaid box to ship the item to eBay! They take care of everything on their end and give you 70% of the profit!