June 2nd



Snacks are my favorite! Graze.com is perfecting for snack lovers. Choose your favorites out of their list of over 90 snacks and each week they will send you four! These snacks are yummy yet healthy, like chocolate nut mixes, brownie flap jacks, or pretzels with a chocolate dip! Each one of their snacks has at least one of their nutrition badges; they can be a good source of fiber, vitamins and minerals, source of proteins, whole oats, and others.This is perfect to have delivered to your office so you can snack all day at work! Each Graze box is only $6, including delivery!


The Groops app is a game all about patterns. It’s definitely a mind-massager and it’s pretty addicting. You have to place the patterns of shapes that you see in to Groops! The Groop should either have only one thing in common or nothing in common. Sounds easy, but it’s definitely more on the challenging side. I saw a guy on the train playing it and I was amazed, I had to find out what it was! It may not be as addicting as 2048 but it definitely gets your mind going.