March 25th

Sometimes you just need to take a #Selfie, but you don't want the judgment, you just want your friends to see! Use the Shots app. It's a fun, worry-free place to share #Selfies and see the #Selfies of your friends. It's a positive-only place, created to counteract Cyber Bullying.  The catch is - it only allows to take #Selfies in the moment, you can't upload a picture to your photo library. It's meant to be a photo diary of yourself in that exact moment. It's all about having fun, living your life, sharing moments, and not giving a F*** what anyone else thinks! Download it here. And no, you cannot say the word #Selfie without a #.

Okay, I’m about to tell you about something that I’m not sure is even real. American Beagle Outfitters is apparently a brand new line from American Eagle designed for you…and your dog! You can finally match your best friend! Watch the dogumentary, it’s HILARIOUS, all about how dogs can only choose from Halloween costumes instead of real clothes. You’ll find SELFIE hats for your pup, even jeans! Right now you can shop the looks only for you, the dog clothing says “coming soon” causing people to be skeptic and wondering if this is just a ploy. One thing we know for sure is that American Eagle is asking people to use coupon code: 303053Q1 when shopping to receive 20% off your order of three items or more AND they will donate $1 to the ASPCA. I guess we just have to wait and see if your pups can be as stylish as us!!