September 3rd



If you love Instagram then you’ll love their brand new Hyperlapse video app. Create time-lapse videos easily on your phone, the app stabilizes your video so even a shaky hand will look like a professional shot, and of course you can post your videos right to Instagram. It’s crazy what you can do, I’ve seen some awesome videos shot from an airplane of clouds, from a car, of moving traffic, and more!



The next time you bring someone a candle as a gift, don’t just bring any candle, you MUST get them a Flick Candle. These candles have funny titles to go with almost any of life's situations like “Fresh Signed Divorce Papers”, “Freshmen 15 Pound Cake,” “Smells Like a College Rejection Letter,” “Surprise Baby Powder”, and so many more! They are $16.99 each.