Who ever said pigs can't surf.... was WRONG!! 

Here is some back story on how the two pals met: Kama, the surfing pig, met Kai Holt (his owner) while on vacation. Our poor little Kama was all by himself on the beach when he wandered into Holt's cabana. And just like that, Kama was adopted. Holt discovered that Kama was a talented swimmer when he accidentally fell in his pool and started doggie paddling... or should we say "piggy paddling." LOL

Holt always brought his pal, Kama, along on his surfing trips and thats how his surfing career all began. Kama just started hopping on to the surfboard with him!! It was like he was born a surfer too...

Check out the video BELOW of him surfing... this pig can actually surf goooooood! 




PS: Kama, the surfing board, has his own instagram that you can all follow!!