By Sierra Marquina

Part of the cast of Mixology, an upcoming scripted ABC show, stopped by  On Air with Ryan Seacrest to surprise the girls on the staff and Ellen K. for Valentine’s Day (they brought roses!) and talk about their show, which premieres next Wednesday after Modern Family.

Andrew Santino, who came in along with co-stars Craig Frank and Blake Lee, describes the show as: “Ten people in New York – the whole season is over the course of one night – looking for some sex.”

Created by the geniuses behind The Hangover, Mixology chronicles the exploits of five single guys and five ladies over the course of one night, which, of course, features a lot of booze.

So with the show comes their “Barcabulary,” lingo and terms you’ll soon learn once the season starts and could easily apply to your own life.

To name a few, Blake explained his favorite, which is “Anchor Baby,” which is “when you have a drink and you see a hot girl at the bar and you leave your drink and walk away and you have a reason to come back.”

“I try a couple moves,” Andrew adds, “like the Triple Lindy, but you’ll have to watch to find out [what that means].”

One term he is happy to reveal is the “Slosh Grobin” … when you’re so wasted you’re singing your own songs and you sing what you say,” Andrew explains, laughing.

Other things viewers will learn from the comedy? If you’re a girl, never wear flats to a bar. “It’s like, if a guy came in board shorts and flip flops, every girl would be like, ‘Ew. Gross.’”

Hear that, ladies?

Catch the premiere of Mixology on ABC on Wednesday, February 26 at 9:30/8:30 p.m. right after Modern Family.