Camel Spotted Walking On Pennsylvania Highway During Snowstorm


There is still one month until winter officially starts, but we already have a mascot for the season; Snow Camel. Motorists trying to get home during a major snowstorm in Pennsylvania were left stunned after they saw the camel wandering on the northbound side of PA Route 309. The camel, named Einstein, was being transported from the Peaceable Kingdom Petting Zoo to the Kimmel Center in Philadephia for an event being held by the Jewish Federation of Great Philadelphia when the vehicle transporting it got stuck in the snow. 

The camel never made it to the Kimmel Center because his handler decided it was best to bring Einstein back home, where he is safe and warm. 

Sadly Einstein the camel didn’t make it to the Kimmel Center this evening. His ride got stuck in the weather and decided it was best for him to go home. Thank you for everyone’s concern. Einstein is safe and happy to be headed home to Peaceable Kingdom Petting Zoo.


Even though the camel never made it to his destination, many people trying to drive through the snow-covered road stopped to take photos of videos of the animal.




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