5 Tips For Communicating Better With Your Boss

It can be extremely intimidating to communicate with your boss. But what happens when you have something that’s important to discuss? You have to bite the bullet and have that conversation despite your fears.Here’s how to walk into that meeting with confidence.

1.Be intentional. Be organized and clear about what exactly you want to discuss and what you’re looking to achieve. If you lack clarity and direction when talking with your boss, you run the risk of leaving the office more confused than when you went in.

2.Timing counts. Your boss is a busy person. So, schedule a time both of you are free so you have their full attention. Appreciating and acknowledging their schedule will increase your chances of having a positive meeting.

3.Speak up. Take ownership of your needs and make requests that will move things forward towards your desired outcome. Don’t complain about what you wish would change, instead, go into the meeting in“problem-solving mode“by thinking ahead and offering solutions.

4.Actively listen. The one thing that’s more important than talking is listening. Make a real effort to understand your boss’point of view. Having a willingness to look at things differently will earn you respect.

5.Wrap up, and move forward. Acknowledge your boss’ opinions during and after the conversation. Thank them for their time, and be respectful if the conversation needs to continue at some other point. Establish and agree on what your next steps should be to achieve your goal.

Effective communication is important, not only in the office, but in life. If you know how to do it effectively and confidently, you can achieve almost anything!


Jay Steele

Jay Steele

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