How to Leave Your Job...Gracefully

Have you ever hated your job and fantasized about walking out while giving everyone the finger?You’re not alone,but the reality is, we can’t just go around lighting bridges on fire. So, while you’re totally ready to throw up the “deuces” and move on, you need to leave your current situation gracefully with no bridges burned. Here are some things to think about when planning your exit strategy as you prepare to take on a new gig:

  • Should you tell your boss that you’re leaving? YES. If your boss has made comments about the fact you’ll eventually want to advance in your position or move on,they’ll likely support you in the new endeavor. If they don’t, that’s not your deal. But forewarned is forearmed.To get a feel for how your boss might react to you leaving, talk about career aspirations during your performance review and see how they respond. Also, pay attention to how your boss reacts when other colleagues have moved on.
  • How much notice should you give? Yes, two weeks notice is the norm, but depending on your career field, you might want to give more… if you can. If you offer to stay long enough to train your replacement, that’ll likely gain favor with your current boss. He may or may not take you up on that, but not matter what, never jump ship without giving two weeks’ notice, minimum.

How you handle your exit can definitely impact your future.References aside, you want to build a reputation for playing fair – and acting ethically.If you continue working in the same field, you’ll likely encounter some of your former colleagues at some point. Maybe even end up working for your old boss at a different company in the future.So, don’t ever burn a bridge.You just never know when it may come back to haunt you.

Source:Inside Higher Ed

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