5 Tips on Dealing With a Bad Date

You’re out on a first date and discover that it’s totally notwhat you signed up for. Maybe they’re rude, have broccoli in their teeth…or won’t stop staring at the waitress’ chest. Or maybe they’re sweet, but awkwardly boring and don’t look ANYthing like his/her profile picture. Regardless of the reason, you want OUT. If you’re ever faced with a bad date, here are some tips to follow that will have you back home watching Netflix in your cozy robe in no time...with your dignity still intact!

1.Take a deep breath.If you find yourself getting annoyed or angry, take a deep breath. You’ll feel a lot better in a few moments when that initial feeling of anger subsides.

2.Reframe the date, immediately.Remember, this is not someone you’re likely to ever see again, so relax, enjoy your meal and have a drink. You don’t have to be “on” or try to impress this person, so the pressure is totally off.

3.Ask the person a zillion questions.This takes the pressure off of you. People love talking about themselves and you never know,you might end up learning something new...even if it’s that you never want to date again after this.

4. Get a game plan together in your head.Figure out what you need to do to make sure this will never happen again. Maybe Facetime before you meet? Maybe plan to just meet up for coffee next time, so you’re not saddled with hours of small talk?

5.Remind yourself that while dating can be a process, it IS a process.It’s very likely that your person is out on a date right now too, thinking all the same things you are. If you don’t want them to give up, then you can’t either.

Just like everything else in life, dating takes practice. If this particular evening didn’t work out, at least you’re one date closer to finding the one who you will click with. Stay hopeful, remain positive, and know that everything happens in its own time. Your only job is to make sure you answer the door when that opportunity knocks.

Source:Racine County Eye

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